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IZIPAQ Company is an authorized partner of Simourg Company, which is the manufacturer of the SimBase platform.

What is SIMBASE®

SimBASE is a new-generation business-process management system enabling to automate the activities of any company types and specialties. The basis of the system business logics is the advanced corporate management and incentive principles; and the mechanics is fully based on web-technologies.

The ideology of the system ensures “joint-less” implementation of various managerial and organizational functions such as electronic document control systems (including electronic archives), client relation management systems (CRM-systems), quality control and management systems, incident management systems, project and service management systems (including helpdesk / service desk), billing systems and collective decision-making systems.

The core of the system is a business-process design tool enabling to change the working logics pursuant to the current needs of a company at any time from any point of the world. The business logic level is fully separated from the technical level, enabling the managers, analysts and methodologists to manage independently the system without participation of the programmers and developers.

Use of the “virtual conveyor” principles allows to reduce greatly the time and to enhance the performance of all the company’s members in order to relieve the managers from the necessity of “monitoring” of the current tasks and commitments and in order to provide them with the relevant information just at the time, when it is necessary to make a decision or to perform a certain action.

How does it work

Main focal points
Three-tiered system architecture
Standards and formats

Outside interfaces and integration

User interface

Standard nature and universality

Working at ANY browsers supporting the HTML 4.01 / CSS 2.1 Standards and higher.

Preservation of operability in case of disconnection of scripts.

Special interface for mobile devices and touch-screens (pads, PDA, smartphones) operated under control of ANY operational system.

Flexibility and customizability

Support of exchangeable themes of interface, customizable panels and widgets of the desktop.

Simple menu and navigation, (display of necessary only.)

Customizable formats of date, time, numbering of objects, numbers and other data elements.