izi paq

With every passing day, the close-knit team and ideally adjusted mechanism of the company’s internal policy ensure the new ideas and solutions using the up-to-date technologies.

About us

Our specialists automate the business-processes, irrespective of work complexity and scope. The main difference from competitors is measured by the double approach to tasks – ability to perform timely optimization, as well as to respond quickly to disadvantages and mistakes of the company.

We optimize not only the processes of private companies, but also we assist to the government institutions to make a quantum leap. IZIPAQ believes that its professional obligement is to do as many companies successful and structurally advantageous as possible.

Our qualifications

The employees of IZIPAQ pass every year the advanced training. For this very reason, the name of the brand is made of the abbreviation of the sentence: “International Zone of Independent Professionals and Quality”.