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This step is introduction of the information system implementing the logics of the Client’s business-processes. It is supposed that the processes have been formalized and optimized for automation.


Basic opportunities of platform


Setting up and change of running processes through interface. Additional business logic as scripts. Integration with key services. Launch of processes manually, as scheduled, from other processes and upon occurrence of an event.

Information safety

Losses, delays or misrepresentation of information are excluded. Storing of work techniques, documents, contact details and events. Access privileges at any level, multi-factor authentication.

Short period of introduction

Automation of required processes based on business analysis. Setting up using typical solutions.

Business-process management

Setting up of processes, writing of scripts in integrated language.

Notices, SMS, e-mail

Automatic notifications, exchange of internal messages. Working with short messages (SMS) and e-mail.

Control system

Report generation systemMonitoring of processes, measurement of performance. Management of time of work performance and work shifts.

Report generation system

Generation of reports, including under the docx and html template.


Integration with outside services, databases, file exchange. Call-up of outside web-services, interface of application programming (API).

Templates, import / export

Layout and sending out of documents under template. Data import in CSV, XML format, export – in PDF, CSV, XLSX, DOCX, ODT, HTML, XML formats.